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Smok Nord Replacement Pod | Pack Of 3

Smok Nord Replacement Pod | Pack Of 3

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  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Multiple Coil Options
  • Leakproof Design
  • Coil Resistance Pod Only
  • Made In China
  • MTL and DTL Vaping

The SMOK Nord Replacement Vape Pod is a valuable accessory for your Nord, making it simple and quick to switch e-liquid flavours. With spare cases, you can heft around numerous flavours, allowing you to change around your vape while holding loop life and flavour inside your Nord. The SMOK Nord Replacement Vape Pod is a simple cartridge that attaches easily to your Nord. 

Just screw off the pod, grip your mod and pop the old pod off. Next, put the fresh pod on, and you're ready to go. It comes with two pods per kit, is available in various colours and features vacuum-sealed coils. The coils are refillable and have a 2 ml capacity for E-liquid storage. This is comparable to most cartridges on the market today. They are easy to load up with more e-liquid when you are ready.

Its Design:

The SMOK Nord Replacement Vape Pod is made from plastic and has a gold colour scheme. It has a screw-off top to attach to your mod and holds a 2 ml capacity. The pod is easy to carry around and comes with built-in holders for extra e-liquid should you need it. Its size makes it perfect for sessions or adding a few flavours without moving around your box mod. The cartridges have solid caps placed on top of the SMOK Nord Replacement Vape Pod, which holds the e-liquid inside the cartridge.


  • 2 x SMOK Nord Replacement Pod 
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