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Innokin ISub BVC KAL Coils | Pack Of 5

Innokin ISub BVC KAL Coils | Pack Of 5

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  • Wicked with organic Japanese cotton
  • Vertical coil position
  • Uses the Innokin iSub 'no-spill' coil replacement system
  • Anti-spit mesh on top of coil
  • Genuine Innokin coils with scratch off panel
  • Compatible with iSub, iSub S, iSub G, iSub S, Isub V and iSub Apex tanks

The ISub BVC Coils By Innokin is a flexible coil, viable with the iSub vape tank series, including the iSub G Tank, Oceanus Vape Pack and iSub tank. This type of coil design is more dependable, resulting in a better vape experience. The tank's ISub BVC Coils By Innokin can be used on high and sub-ohm builds. It comes with a resistance of 1.0 Ohms (100 amps), down to 0.2 Ohms (200amps). 

This is an ideal range for the device, as its maximum output power is 40 watts. Hence, this degree of tuning allows you to use different kinds of coils without worrying about finding any incompatibility issue with the ISub BVC Coils By Innokin itself or the device's wattage limits. The set includes two pre-built coils: One has a resistance of 0.5 Ohms (50 amps), down to 0.2 Ohms (200 amps). 

The second is a 0.4 Ohm (40 amps) coil. The ISub BVC Coils By Innokin are made from Kanthal wire and organic cotton, which is known for its durability. It's considered one of the most popular types of e-cig coils by vapers, and they deliver more flavor from your e-liquid, as they produce a richer taste in vaping materials than other types of coils.

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