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Innokin Endura T22 Pro Best Price | Best Deal £25.99

Innokin Endura T22 Pro Best Price | Best Deal £25.99

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  • Dimensions: 145mm x 22mm x 32mm
  • Output: Max 14W
  • 4.5ml tank capacity
  • 2000mAh internal battery
  • Compatible with the T18/T22 coils
  • 1 button activation

Endura vape brings you the Innokin endura t22 pro kit which is one of the possibly Best Vape Starter Kit that is available as well as it is a solid device for experienced vapour looking for a simple and sleek design. The Endura delivers a superior experience and it is compact durable and it is affordable all in one starter kit it is captured with the top quality materials and it is a one button easy to fill and it is very easy to use and affordable with advanced personal vaporizer.

This product is optimized with 14 Watts and it is delivered with perfect vaping experience every time which is designed with the glass and stainless steel construction which is stop filled for quick clean refilling option. This product is a Japanese organic cotton vaping material delivers maximum flavor from your favorite e liquid.

Endura Vape Pen product is advanced integrated safety protection guard against overheating and it is over discharged which is greatly improved charging safety and overall reliability with this 1000 MAh of real battery capacity the Endura t18 which will be conveniently charged with standard micro USB cable and it is featured with in vape while charging Technology with daily vaporizer which you can be related. For optimal performance the best results mouth to lung inhale is recommended with this device which is designed for full lung or direct lung inhalation it is design to stimulate a cigarette for best result.

Safety options
Endura vape t22 product is special caution when working with Lithium ion and Lithium ion polymer with any rechargeable cells as they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and it may explode or burn if handled. You have to make sure that the user has enough knowledge and any rechargeable cell is charging discharging assembly and the storage before use. This product charges in or on a fireproof surface and you can never leave charging batteries unattended so don't use any rechargeable battery as well as any battery charger if any visible damages present.

The product is one of the excellent one as well as the cell or charger has been pressed through mishandling accidental or otherwise even if the damage may not be visible. This product has to be stored and transported as rechargeable cells with the safe and it is nonconductive container in a controlled environmental that dispose of all battery cells and charges in accordance with local law and mandatories.

The Endura t22 pro kit is completely easy to use and it is filled with 2.5 ml tank which is made from top quality stainless steel. The battery life of your innokin depends upon on your often when you vape and how you charge it is one of the product which has been excellently designed which last up to 2 to 3 hours when required and you should not over charge the battery just leave it charging for long period of time. Your choice of vape liquid is a large part of vaping experience and it offers avoid range of vape juice in all nicotine free and you can either use nicotine liquid or Endura vapor which produces good vapour and flavuor.

Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit


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