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Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank

Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank

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The Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank is a premium vaping accessory designed for advanced vapers who appreciate excellent vapor and flavor production. Known for its sleek design and efficient performance, this tank is a great addition to any vaping setup, offering a range of features that enhance the vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Capacity: 2ml or 5ml (depending on the variant)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coil Resistance: 0.16 Ohm and 0.35 Ohm
  • Filling System: Slide Top Fill
  • Airflow: Dual Adjustable
  • Drip Tip: Wide Bore Resin
  • Compatibility: 510 Connection​.

Materials Uses:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Kanthal (for coils)
  • Resin (for drip tip)

Inside the Package:

  • 1 x Innokin Ajax 2ml/5ml Vape Tank
  • 1 x Innokin Ajax 0.16 Ohm Plex 3D Matrix Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Innokin Ajax 0.35 Ohm Plex 3D Coil
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 1 x Replacement O-ring Set
  • 1 x Small Self-Sealing Bag
  • 1 x User Manual​.

Manufactured by:

Innokin, a leading manufacturer in the vaping industry.

Design and Build Quality:

The Ajax Tank has a polished aesthetic, with a honeycomb mouthpiece design that enhances its elegant appearance. It's crafted from stainless steel, which ensures durability, and features a slide top fill cap for easy refilling. The dual adjustable airflow allows users to customize their vaping experience​.

Performance and Battery Life:

The Innokin Ajax Tank performs exceptionally well, producing large amounts of vapor and delivering pure flavor, thanks to its kanthal Plex3D coil atomizer heads. The tank pairs well with most box mods, providing flexibility in wattage and temperature control settings​​.

Flavor Options:

The tank doesn’t come with specific flavor options, but it’s compatible with a variety of e-liquids, allowing users to enjoy their favorite flavors.

User Experience and Portability:

The tank offers a smooth user experience, with its easy-to-use top fill system and adjustable airflow. It's portable, thanks to its compact size, and fits comfortably on most vape mods due to its 510 connection​.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Easy to refill 2ml capacity might be small
Excellent flavor and vapor production Not suitable for beginners
Durable stainless steel construction Limited coil compatibility
Elegant design

How to Use Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank:

  1. Prepare the Tank: Ensure the tank is clean and the appropriate coil is installed.
  2. Fill with E-Liquid: Slide the top fill cap and fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid.
  3. Attach to Vape Mod: Screw the tank onto your preferred vape mod using the 510 connection.
  4. Adjust Airflow: Use the dual adjustable airflow to set your preferred air intake.
  5. Vape: Activate the mod and enjoy your vaping experience​​.

Why Choose Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank:

  • High-Quality Construction
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Flavor Production
  • Adjustable Airflow


  1. What coils are compatible with the Innokin Ajax Tank?
    The tank uses proprietary Ajax coils, available in 0.16 Ohm and 0.35 Ohm. It is also compatible with the iSub coil series.
  2. How do you fill the Ajax Tank?
    The tank has a top sliding refill cap. Rotate the swivel mouthpiece, and fill the tank with e-liquid​.
  3. Can I use this tank with any vape mod?
    Yes, the Ajax Tank is compatible with the majority of vape mods due to its 510 connection.
  4. Is the tank suitable for beginners?
    The tank is more suited for advanced vapers due to its sub-ohm coils and advanced features​.
  5. What’s the tank’s capacity?
    The Ajax Tank comes in two variants, with capacities of 2ml or 5ml, depending on the chosen model​.

User Reviews:

  • John, Graphic Designer:
    "The Innokin Ajax Tank has been a fantastic addition to my vaping setup. The flavor production is top-notch, and I love the sleek design."
  • Sarah, Teacher:
    "I’ve been using this tank for a while now, and it’s amazing. The adjustable airflow is great, and the top fill system is super convenient."
  • James, Chef:
    "As an advanced vaper, I really appreciate the features of this tank. The vapor production is excellent, and it looks great on my mod."

Final Words:

The Innokin Ajax Sub Ohm Tank is an exceptional choice for advanced vapers looking for a durable, high-performing tank with great flavor and vapor production. With its sleek design, adjustable airflow, and convenient top fill system, it offers a premium vaping experience​​.

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