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Elf Bar

Elf Bar FB1000 Pod Kit Price | Vapes To Buy

Elf Bar FB1000 Pod Kit Price | Vapes To Buy

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  • Dimensions: 87 mm (height) x 28.4 mm (width) x 28 mm (height)
  • Charging Type: Type-C USB
  • Battery: 1000mAh Internal Battery Capacity
  • Pod Type: 2ml capacity (TPD)
  • FB1000 EBC COIL
  • Elf Bar FB1000 Replacement Pod
  • Refillable Elf Pod Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Use Any Flavour E-Liquid
  • Single Button Operation
  • Mesh Coils
  • Draw or press button activated
  • Compact
  • Mesh coil compatible

    The ELF BAR FB1000 Pod Kit epitomizes portability, reliability and user friendliness. Ideal for vapers on the move, this compact yet stylish kit features a Type-C USB charging system with 1000mAh battery capacity and 2ml pod capacity - adhering to Tobacco Products Directive regulations - plus its EBC coil offering customizable vaping experience with its range of eye-catching colors for an easy vaping experience.

    • Charging Type: The FB1000 Pod Kit uses Type-C USB charging technology for easy and quick battery recharging - meaning less time spent charging, and more time enjoying vaping!
    • Dimensions: Measuring just 87mm by 28.4mm and 28mm thick, the kit's compact design makes it the ideal companion for those always on the move. Slip it easily into your pocket or bag for quick vaping sessions whenever and wherever needed!
    • Battery Capacity: The FB1000 Kit boasts a 1000mAh battery that provides ample power for daily vaping needs, giving it plenty of battery life for reliable daily use. Trust that this device will last all day!
    • Pod Type: This kit includes a 2ml pod designed to provide the optimal balance between capacity and portability. In compliance with TPD regulations, this pod makes a suitable option for vapers in regions where this law applies.
    • FB1000 EBC Coil: Included with this kit is the FB1000 EBC Coil for versatile vaping experiences and enhanced flavor production. Engineered specifically to produce flavorful vapour clouds.
    • Color Options: The FB1000 Pod Kit offers a selection of vibrant hues to fit your unique style and mood, such as illusion purple, dark blue, sunset yellow, forest green, aurora pink, black and grey. Find one that speaks to you.
    • Assembly Instructions: Putting together and using the ELF BAR FB1000 Pod Kit is an easy process: simply follow these step-by-step instructions for assembly and use.
    • Charging: To ensure your device has sufficient power, connect a Type-C USB cable and charge your 1000mAh battery quickly and efficiently with this fast charging system that minimizes downtime.
    • Attaching the 2ml pod securely to your device for uninterrupted vaping sessions. Designed specifically to fit snugly, its unique shape ensures uninterrupted vaping sessions.
    • Installation: Place the FB1000 EBC coil securely within its pod for optimal performance. Make sure it sits evenly.
    • Fill Your Pod: To fill the pod with e-liquid, remove it from its device and locate its designated fill port. Add desired liquid slowly while being mindful not to overfill.
    • Begin Vaping: Once your ELF BAR FB1000 Kit has been assembled and charged, press its activation button to enjoy your customized vaping experience.

    Adherence to safety guidelines and consulting the user manual for necessary details and instructions are integral components of successful vaping experiences with an FB1000 kit. Regular maintenance ensures a pleasant vaping experience every time!


    The ELF BAR FB1000 Pod Kit strikes the ideal balance between portability, ease of use, and reliability, offering a hassle-free vaping experience. Its Type-C USB charging system allows quick recharging of its powerful 1000mAh battery pack reducing downtime and keeping you moving throughout your day.

    With its compact dimensions and 2ml TPD-compliant pod, this kit is made to go wherever life takes you - making it the ideal companion for active lifestyles. Furthermore, its included FB1000 EBC coil provides versatility and flavor customization options to customize your vaping experience and personalize your experience.

    Choose from an array of stylish colors - illusion purple, dark blue, sunset yellow, forest green, aurora pink, black and grey - to make a fashion statement that fits both your mood and style.

    Assembling the FB1000 Pod Kit is straightforward, ensuring a quick and effortless vaping experience. Safety should always come first by adhering to guidelines provided in your user manual for specific details and precautionary instructions. Regular maintenance ensures a reliable experience every time!

    Elf Bar FB1000 Pod Kit Box Contains:

    • 1 x Elf Bar FB1000 device
    • 1 x Elf Bar FB1000 pod (Additional Pod can be purchased
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x User manual
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