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Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils | Pack Of 3

Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils | Pack Of 3

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  • 0.25ohm, 0.6ohm Mesh
  • Suited to High VG e-liquids
  • Compatible with Aspire Cloudflask Pod only
  • Suited To High VG E-Liquids
  • Sub-Ohm Vape Style

The Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils are intended for use with the new Cloudflask S Vape Pack, Aspire Cloudflask vape unit and Cloudflask Replacement cases. The coils are available in 0.25, 0.6 Ohm resistance versions as well as a build & go head-piece that can be used with Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils Pack to create your own coils.

The coil head should be wiped clean with a lightly damp cloth and allowed to dry before each use and replaced after 10 or so uses for best performance. Do not allow the coil head to come into contact with any fluids other than vape juice. 

The Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils come surprisingly close to 3 and are accessible with a sub-ohm obstruction of either 0.25ohms or 0.6ohms. The Cloudflask coils were designed by Aspires. The coils are made from silicon bronze wire and ceramic insulation to provide a dense vaping experience.

Nick is a professional scuba-diver and utilized the density of the metal to hold massive amounts of vapor and produce powerful clouds. Now, we can use this density in our own vape units. This particular Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils is 0.25 Ohm resistance wire with about 2 millimeters of space between the two heating wires. 


  • 3 x Aspire Cloudflask Replacement Coils
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