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Breeze/Breeze 2 Coils | Pack Of 5

Breeze/Breeze 2 Coils | Pack Of 5

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  • 5 pack of coils
  • 1.0 Ohm for nic salts
  • 0.6ohm for high PG liquids
  • Compatible with the Aspire Breeze and Breeze 2 

These Breeze/Breeze 2 Coils - 5 Pack By Aspire are fabricated solely for use in the Yearn Endlessly Breeze 2 product offerings. They include a five-pack of coils. They are utilized in the Breeze 2 and Breeze products and have a life span of up to two weeks. Ensure you have an Aspire Breeze 2 coil five-pack for your needs. 

Aspire allow you to experience an unparalleled vaping experience with this apparatus equipped with dual airflow slots, vastly improving the vapor production rate. They can be utilized in either the yearn endlessly breeze or Breeze 2 product offerings, which gives you flexibility based on your own needs - whether using them for increased airflow or potentially utilizing them as part of your DIY e-liquid recipe. 

It is ultimately up to you to determine which is best for you. However, we recommend utilizing them in the yearn endlessly breeze 2 product offerings as this has been our experience thus far. The Breeze/Breeze 2 Coils - 5 Pack By Aspire are a great addition to any vaping enthusiast's arsenal, and you can stock up on all of your vapes. We have used these coils and had nothing but great results from them. 

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