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Bou Pro 7000 Puffs UK Vape | Best Device 9.99£ Only

Bou Pro 7000 Puffs UK Vape | Best Device 9.99£ Only

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  • Size: 76.5*53.5*24mm
  • Net Weight: 63g
  • Puffs: 7000
  • E-liquid Capacity: 16mL
  • Coil resistance: 1.20
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Material: PC
  • Get More With Bou Pro
  • Nicotine Free vape
  • A Bouquet Of Happiness
  • Power Up & Stand Out
  • Gain Your Time With Fast Charging And Built-in Airflow

Introducing Bou Pro 7000:

The Bou Pro 7000 represents a significant advancement in the realm of vaping devices, offering users an exceptional combination of durability, convenience, and extensive usage capacity. This device sets itself apart in the market with its standout feature: an impressive capability of 7000 puffs per device. This feature not only enhances the user experience by providing a longer-lasting session but also offers great value and reduces the frequency of replacements. Ideal for both regular users and occasional vapers, the Bou Pro 7000 combines sleek design with robust performance, catering to a wide range of vaping preferences and styles.

Product Specifications of the Bou Pro 7000:

Design: The Bou Pro 7000 boasts a modern box style that is disposable, offering convenience and ease of use. Its compact and sleek design makes it both attractive and practical for everyday carry.

Battery: Equipped with a 650mAh battery, the Bou Pro 7000 ensures long-lasting performance and is rechargeable via a Type-C port. This feature provides users with efficient and quick charging capabilities, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Liquid Capacity: With a generous 16 ml e-liquid capacity, the device allows for an extended usage time, accommodating up to 7000 puffs. This large capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, making it a convenient choice for regular users.

Nicotine Concentration: The device contains a 5% nicotine concentration, offering a satisfying hit that caters to the needs of most users looking for an effective nicotine delivery system.

Coil: It features a high-quality mesh coil with a 1.2 ohm resistance, designed to enhance flavor delivery and ensure a smooth vaping experience. The mesh coil technology also aids in evenly distributing heat and prolonging the life of the coil.

Airflow: The adjustable airflow system allows users to customize their vaping experience, providing options for either a tighter or more open draw depending on personal preference.

Flavors: The Bou Pro 7000 is available in a variety of enticing flavors, catering to a wide range of taste preferences. The list of available flavors includes:

  • Grape Ice
  • Mango Ice
  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Red Bull Ice
  • Triple Melon
  • Strawberry Banana Ice
  • Blueberry Cranberry Cherry
  • Mint King
  • Mr. Blue

Key Features of the Bou Pro 7000:

Long-lasting Use: The Bou Pro 7000 is designed for extended use, offering up to 7000 puffs per device. This feature is ideal for users seeking a reliable and long-lasting vaping experience without the constant need for replacements, making it both economical and convenient.

Rapid Charging: Equipped with a Type-C charging port, the device supports rapid charging, allowing it to be fully charged in a minimal amount of time. This rapid recharge capability ensures that users can quickly resume vaping, minimizing downtime and enhancing the overall user experience.

Flavor Variety: The Bou Pro 7000 comes in a wide array of flavor profiles, each designed to deliver a unique and satisfying taste. Flavors such as Grape Ice provide a cool, fruity sensation, while Mango Ice offers a tropical, refreshing taste. Strawberry Watermelon Ice combines sweet and juicy notes for a delightful blend. This variety allows users to choose flavors that best suit their taste preferences, ensuring a pleasurable vaping journey.

Adjustable Airflow: With its adjustable airflow feature, the Bou Pro 7000 allows users to tailor their vaping experience based on their inhalation preferences. Whether preferring a tight draw for a more intense flavor or a loose draw for a smoother intake, users can easily adjust the device to their specific needs.

Portability: The device's box-style design is not only stylish but also compact, making it easy to carry in a pocket or bag. Its disposable nature adds to the convenience, eliminating the need for carrying additional e-liquid bottles or accessories. This makes the Bou Pro 7000 an excellent choice for vaping on the go.

Together, these key features make the Bou Pro 7000 a standout choice in the disposable vape market, offering users a high-quality, convenient, and customizable vaping experience.

Certifications and Compliance of the Bou Pro 7000:

The Bou Pro 7000 adheres to strict international safety and quality standards, ensuring a reliable and secure vaping experience for users worldwide. Here are some of the key certifications and compliance details for the device:


  • TPD (Tobacco Products Directive): This certification confirms that the Bou Pro 7000 complies with the regulations set forth by the European Union regarding the manufacture, presentation, and sale of tobacco and related products.
  • CE (Conformité Européenne): The CE marking on the device indicates that it meets all the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances): RoHS compliance ensures that the Bou Pro 7000 is manufactured without the use of specific hazardous materials commonly found in electronics and electrical equipment.
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission): Holding an FCC certification means that the device is approved for market in the United States and meets all the appropriate electromagnetic interference limits.

Compliance with International Safety and Quality Standards: The Bou Pro 7000 is designed to comply with various international standards, ensuring that it meets global safety and quality benchmarks. These standards are reflected in its robust design, use of safe materials, and functionality that aligns with current regulatory expectations for vaping devices. Compliance with these standards not only protects the user but also ensures a broader acceptance in markets worldwide, facilitating easy access to a quality vaping product.

Through these certifications, the Bou Pro 7000 demonstrates its commitment to quality and safety, aligning with the needs and regulations of diverse markets, and providing users with peace of mind when choosing their vaping solutions.

Usage and Maintenance of the Bou Pro 7000:

  1. Charging the Device: Before first use, charge the Bou Pro 7000 using the provided Type-C cable until the battery indicator shows it is fully charged. This ensures optimal performance right from the start.
  2. Activating the Device: Simply draw on the mouthpiece to activate the device. The Bou Pro 7000 is designed with a draw-activated firing mechanism, which means no buttons are needed to start vaping.
  3. Adjusting the Airflow: Locate the airflow control on the device and adjust it to your preferred draw resistance. Sliding it towards the "+" sign usually opens the airflow for a looser draw, while moving it towards the "-" sign tightens the draw for a more restricted inhalation.
  4. Monitoring E-Liquid Level: Keep an eye on the e-liquid level to ensure you do not run out. The device’s large capacity should last for the entirety of its 7000 puffs, but it’s good to be mindful of the e-liquid status.
  5. Disposal: Once the device has reached its puff capacity or the battery is depleted, dispose of it properly according to local regulations regarding electronic and nicotine waste.

Maintenance Tips for Optimal Performance:

  1. Proper Storage: Store the Bou Pro 7000 in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, which can affect battery life and e-liquid consistency.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Occasionally wipe the mouthpiece and the body of the device with a dry cloth to remove dust and residue. Ensure the airflow control is free of debris to maintain smooth operation.
  3. Avoid Overcharging: Do not leave the device plugged in overnight or for extended periods after it’s fully charged. Overcharging can reduce the overall battery lifespan.
  4. Use Properly: Draw gently to prevent the device from overheating. Overly aggressive inhalation can stress the coil and reduce the overall performance and lifespan of the device.
  5. Check for Updates: If your device supports firmware updates or other maintenance updates, ensure it is kept up to date to maintain its functionality and performance.

By following these usage and maintenance tips, you can enjoy a consistently high-quality vaping experience with your Bou Pro 7000 while extending its lifespan and maintaining its performance.

Pricing and Availability of the Bou Pro 7000

Suggested Retail Price: The Bou Pro 7000 is competitively priced to offer excellent value for its features and longevity. While prices may vary by retailer and region, the suggested retail price is typically set to appeal to a wide range of consumers looking for a quality vaping experience.

Availability Information:

  • Online: The Bou Pro 7000 is available for purchase through various online platforms, including the manufacturer’s official website and other e-commerce sites that specialize in vaping products.
  • Retail: Consumers can find this device at electronic cigarette stores, specialty vape shops, and some larger retail chains that carry electronic smoking devices.
  • Regions Sold: The Bou Pro 7000 is widely available in numerous regions, including North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Potential buyers should check local availability and compliance with regional regulations regarding vaping products.

Customer Support and Warranty

Customer Support:

  • Contact Information: Customers can contact the support team via phone, email, or through a contact form on the manufacturer's website. Social media platforms may also be used for queries and support.
  • Hours of Operation: Customer support is typically available during regular business hours, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time, Monday through Friday, with limited availability on weekends.

Warranty Policy:

  • Terms and Duration: The Bou Pro 7000 comes with a limited warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The warranty period usually extends for 30 days from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications.
  • Claim Process: To make a warranty claim, customers are required to provide proof of purchase and may need to return the device to the place of purchase or directly to the manufacturer, depending on the terms specified at the time of sale.

By ensuring comprehensive customer support and a clear warranty policy, the manufacturer of the Bou Pro 7000 seeks to provide a reliable and satisfactory experience for all users, reinforcing the device’s value in the competitive vaping market.

Comparative Analysis of the Bou Pro 7000

When comparing the Bou Pro 7000 to other similar products in the market, several aspects highlight its competitive edge and unique selling points:

Longevity and Puff Count: One of the most significant advantages of the Bou Pro 7000 is its 7000 puff capacity, which surpasses many competitors that typically offer around 3000 to 5000 puffs per device. This makes it an economical choice for users seeking longer-lasting use without the need for frequent replacements.

Battery Life and Charging: The 650mAh rechargeable battery in the Bou Pro 7000 is another standout feature. While many disposable vapes do not offer rechargeable batteries, the inclusion of a Type-C charging port allows users to easily recharge the device, enhancing convenience and usability. This contrasts with many disposables that are single-use and cannot be recharged, leading to higher long-term costs and more waste.

Flavor Variety and Quality: The Bou Pro 7000 offers a wide range of flavors with high-quality taste profiles, including options like Grape Ice, Mango Ice, and Strawberry Watermelon Ice. The use of a mesh coil with 1.2 ohm resistance also enhances flavor delivery, which can be a distinguishing factor compared to other vapes that might use standard coils and offer less flavor fidelity.

Adjustable Airflow: Adjustable airflow is not commonly found in disposable vape devices. The Bou Pro 7000’s ability to customize the airflow allows users to tailor their vaping experience according to their inhalation preference, whether they desire a tight or loose draw. This feature sets it apart from many other disposables that have fixed airflow settings.

Design and Portability: The compact and modern box-style design of the Bou Pro 7000 not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also highly portable. Its design is user-friendly, catering to both seasoned vapers and newcomers, and stands out in a market where many disposables opt for more generic or less durable designs.

Compliance and Safety: The Bou Pro 7000’s adherence to multiple international certifications like TPD, CE, RoHS, and FCC underscores its commitment to quality and safety. These certifications ensure compliance with various global standards, making the device a safe choice for users and potentially increasing its accessibility in stringent markets.

These unique selling points establish the Bou Pro 7000 as a superior option within the disposable vape market, offering users enhanced features, better value, and a more satisfying overall experience compared to many competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Bou Pro 7000:

1. How many puffs can I get from the Bou Pro 7000?

The Bou Pro 7000 is designed to deliver up to 7000 puffs per device, making it one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes available on the market. This large puff count provides extended use, allowing for fewer replacements and consistent performance over time.

2. Can the Bou Pro 7000 be recharged?

Yes, the Bou Pro 7000 comes with a rechargeable 650mAh battery. It can be easily recharged using the Type-C USB port, providing convenience and reducing waste compared to non-rechargeable disposable vapes.

3. What flavors are available for the Bou Pro 7000?

The Bou Pro 7000 offers a diverse range of flavors to suit different tastes, including Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, and several other refreshing options. Each flavor is crafted to deliver a crisp and enjoyable vaping experience.

4. Is the airflow on the Bou Pro 7000 adjustable?

Yes, the Bou Pro 7000 features adjustable airflow, allowing users to customize their vaping experience. Whether you prefer a tighter draw for a more intense flavor or a looser draw for a smoother intake, the airflow control can be easily adjusted to meet your preferences.

5. Where can I buy the Bou Pro 7000 and what is its price?

The Bou Pro 7000 is available for purchase online through the manufacturer's official website, various e-commerce platforms, and at retail locations such as vape shops and some larger electronic retailers. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and region, but the device is competitively priced to offer good value considering its features and long-lasting design. Always check local availability as the product might not be available in all regions due to specific local regulations.

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