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Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter

Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter

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  • Coil resistance - 1.6ohm
  • Dimensions - 143mm x 15mm
  • Battery capacity - 800mAh
  • Micro-USB charging
  • K2 Vape Tank
  • Bottom fill design
  • 1.8ml tank capacity
  • Connection: 510 With airflow
  • Carbon fibre casing
  • Recharge with supplied USB cable
  • Allows vaping while charging
  • LED illuminated fire button
  • Orange low battery indication
  • Auto cut-out after 15 seconds
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • High temperature protection
  • Available in Pink or Black

The Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter embodies simplicity and elegance, providing a perfect entryway into vaping for both novices and veteran vapers alike. At £26.95 this user-friendly device combines user-friendly features with its attractive design to make this a top choice. Let's delve into its specifications to better understand why the Aspire K2 makes for such a reliable yet stylish vaping companion!

Capacity: The K2 Quick Starter kit features a generous 1.8ml tank capacity to store all your favorite e-liquids with its bottom fill design for quick and effortless refills.

K2 Vape Tank: Specifically designed for MTL vaping, the included K2 Tank provides an enjoyable draw that closely simulates smoking traditional cigarettes.

Coil Resistance: This kit includes a 1.6ohm coil which offers the perfect balance between flavorful vapor production and conserving your e-liquid.

Dimensions: Measuring just 143mm long by 15mm in diameter, the Aspire K2 boasts a sleek and compact design that fits snugly in your hand or pocket, exuding sophistication thanks to its stylish yet subdued aesthetics.

Battery Capacity: With an 800mAh integrated battery, the K2 provides extended vaping sessions without frequent recharges.

Micro-USB Charging: Recharging your K2 is effortless when using its included micro-USB charging cable - simply connect it to any compatible power source for convenient recharging!

Color Options: The Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter comes in both classic black and stylish pink finishes for you to select the one that best complements your personal aesthetic.

The Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter keeps things straightforward by emphasizing coil performance and offering straightforward assembly instructions.

Coils: At the core of K2 Quick Starter kit is its 1.6ohm coil designed for MTL vaping, offering satisfying throat hits while preserving all of your favorite e-liquid's delicate notes. Replacing the old coil with a new one is simple; unscrew the base of the tank to access it then uninstall/insert/reinstall new coil snugly before priming new cotton wick with several drops of liquid to avoid dry hits and ensure optimal functioning of new coil.

Assembling the Device:

  • Unbox and Inspect: Begin by unboxing and inspecting your Aspire K2 Quick Starter kit contents; the K2 tank comes pre-equipped with its coil.
  • Charge Your Battery (If Needed): Make sure the 800mAh battery of your device is fully charged by using the included micro-USB charging cable to connect it with both power source and device if applicable.
  • Fill Your Tank (Optional): Even though a tank isn't an actual pod, you can still fill it with your favorite e-liquid if desired. Just remove any protective caps, open up the bottom-fill port, and pour your chosen flavor in.
  • Attach the Tank: Once assembled, securely fasten the K2 tank onto its battery section while making sure not to overtighten.
  • Power On: Follow the user manual's instructions to turn your device on, which may involve pressing a button or inhaling to begin vaping.

With these simple steps, the Aspire Vape Pen Kit K2 Quick Starter can be assembled and utilized seamlessly. With its focus on strong coil performance, simple system, and easy assembling process, this vaping device guarantee an enjoyable vaping journey for both users who are new to the vaping journey as well as veteran vapers alike.


Aspire's K2 Quick Starter kit reflects their commitment to simple yet quality vaping experiences. With its user-friendly design, easy coil performance, and cute aesthetics, the Aspire K2 makes an amazing choice for those looking for an hassle-free but fulfilling vaping experience. No matter where you stand on vaping's journey, the Aspire K2 provides proper user experience as well as surety and reliability without ever disappointing its users.

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