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Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Kit | Best Price

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Kit | Best Price

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  • 2ml capacity
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Single button design
  • Sub Ohm vaping
  • Up to 90 watts output
  • GT Mesh Coils
  • 130mm tall x 25mm diameter
  • Top fill tank design
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Starter kit
  • For use with high VG e-liquids

The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Kit is an ideal choice for vapers who value simplicity, power and style in one convenient package. Boasting an impressive 3000mAh battery capacity with Sub-Ohm vaping capabilities as well as various stylish colors available - making this an excellent kit suitable for both novices and experienced vapers alike.

Large Capacity

The Sky Solo Plus comes equipped with a 2ml tank capacity, offering plenty of e-liquid capacity for extended vaping sessions without frequent refilling needs. Say goodbye to frequent refills!

High-Capacity Battery

With its integrated 3000mAh battery, this kit offers outstanding battery life for extended e-liquid enjoyment without needing to constantly recharge it.

Simple Single Button Design

A device designed with one simple button makes operating it an easy experience - ideal for beginners looking for an effortless vaping experience.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-Ohm vapers will appreciate the Sky Solo Plus's capabilities of producing clouds with plenty of flavor, creating thick vapour and unforgettable clouds.

Upto 90 Watts Output

With its maximum output of 90 watts, this kit gives you the power to tailor your vaping experience exactly to your liking - from gentle draws to cloud-producing vaping experiences! No matter your vaping preference - whether that means mild draws or powerful clouds! This kit has it covered.

GT Mesh Coil

vaporesso sky solo plus coil compatibility

This kit includes GT Mesh Coils, which are known for their excellent performance and flavor, to guarantee a satisfying vaping experience.

GT MeshedGet Satisfied with Flavor

The GT Meshed coil maximizes interaction with the cotton, providing turbo heating performance and increasing the heating area, making for dense and flavorful clouds.

Compact Design

At 130mm tall and 25mm in diameter, the Sky Solo Plus is an easily portable device, suitable for travel.

Top Fill Tank Design

tank fill

Top-fill tank designs make refilling quick, simple, and mess-free.

Starter Kit for High VG E-Liquids

The Sky Solo Plus is designed specifically to work with high VG e-liquids, providing rich and satisfying clouds.

Micro-USB Charging

battery charger

Charging the device quickly with ease using its micro-USB charging port will get you back into vaping quickly.

Stylish Colour Options

Select from an assortment of fashionable colors such as Rainbow, Blue, Black, Navy Blue, Gold and Silver for the Sky Solo Plus vaping device - it will add flair to any ensemble! It is more than just a vaping device; it makes an impressionful fashion statement that completes your ensemble.


The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Kit provides simplicity, power, and style all rolled into one convenient device. Perfect for newcomers to vaping or experienced vapers alike. Boasting large capacity high-capacity battery, sub-ohm capability and stylish design options it is an excellent choice for those seeking both simplicity and performance in their vaping experience. Discover its ease and power as they combine perfectly to deliver an enjoyable vaping experience.

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