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The Crystal Pro

The Crystal Pro 7000 Rechargeable | Best Price & Flavours

The Crystal Pro 7000 Rechargeable | Best Price & Flavours

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  • Puffs: 7000 Puffs
  • Charger Type: Type-C rechargeable
  • E-LIiquid Capacity: 15ml capacity
  • Battery Capacity: 850mAh, rechargeable
  • Just for More Puffs!
  • Nicotine Free vape
  • Box-Shaped Design for Distinctive Hand Check
  • Pure in Every Puff
  • Mega mesh coil takes you to explore the world of pure vapour.
  • Ultimate Vape Experience
  • Innovative Mesh Coil
  • Long Lasting to the End!

The Crystal Pro 7000 Rechargeable is an extraordinary vaping revolution, offering an exceptional puff count, rechargeability, and an iconic box-shaped design that revolutionizes vaping experience. This device stands as a testament to innovation and quality; providing vapers with an extraordinary, authentic experience of vaping.

Remarkable Puff Count - Up to 7000 Puffs of Pure Vapour

The Crystal Pro sets an astounding new standard by providing up to 7000 Puffs per device of pure vapor. This impressive puff count ensures extended periods of vaping without needing frequent refills or replacements; making this device perfect for vapers who value longevity and dependability in their vaping experience.

Rechargeable Design for Sustainability

One of the many noteworthy features of the Crystal Pro is its rechargeable design. Boasting an 850mAh internal battery with Type-C rechargeability, this device provides sustainable vaping without disposable products. Recharging allows users to continue enjoying all its advantages for extended periods while decreasing waste production in the process.

Exceptional E-Liquid Capacity - 15ml for Extended Use

The Crystal Pro features an exceptional 15ml e-liquid capacity, providing ample vaping sessions without ever running out of your favorite flavors! Enjoy peace-of-mind and satisfaction from every puff with this generous capacity that guarantees hassle-free vaping sessions and ensures their continued enjoyment!

Box-Shaped Design for Distinctive Hand Check

The Crystal Pro stands out with its box-shaped design, setting itself apart from traditional cylindrical vaping devices. This distinct shape provides a distinctive and comfortable hand check to ensure a secure grip when vaping - a unique and stylish device! Not only does the Crystal Pro perform exceptionally well; but also its boxy aesthetic stands out.

Pure in Every Puff - Mega Mesh Coil Technology

The device boasts an innovative Mega Mesh Coil that elevates your vaping experience to new levels. This coil technology ensures each puff is filled with pure and unadulterated vapor that's free from impurities - it's like tasting your favorite e-liquids at their purest form, for an incredible vaping sensation that is clean, flavorful, and satisfying!

Ultimate Vape Experience - Long-Lasting to the End

The Crystal Pro was designed to deliver an optimal vaping experience from start to finish, delivering premium vape sessions from puff one until puff two. Enjoy your experience from beginning to end.

The Crystal Pro 7000 Flavours Review

1. Banana Ice: A Tropical Chill

Banana Ice from The Crystal Pro brings tropical flair to vaping with an invigorating and rejuvenating blend. As soon as you inhale, your senses are met by the lush and creamy taste of ripe bananas for an irresistibly sweet and exotic experience. What sets this flavor apart, however, is its refreshing icy kick; like sipping chilled banana smoothie, this taste provides an exotic vacation feel in every puff; providing fruity frostiness for an immersive vaping experience reminiscent of sipping chilled fruity smoothie!

This flavor from The Crystal Pro offers both tropical sweet allure as well as revitalizing chill for vapers who seek tropical getaways in every puff; perfect choice if seeking both!

2. Watermelon Ice: A Juicy Oasis

Watermelon Ice from The Crystal Pro offers you a journey into a sweet and juicy oasis with every draw. As you inhale, your palate is delighted by the succulent taste of succulent watermelons for a burst of refreshing sweetness that offers sweet relief! At the core of this flavor lies an icy undertone, creating an invigorating and rejuvenating sensation similar to biting into an icy-cold slice of watermelons on a scorching summer afternoon.

Watermelons capture the pure essence of summer with every puff, offering a fruity vaping experience that's refreshing, fruity, and revitalizing all at the same time. Watermelon Ice is an ideal flavor choice for vapers who seek watermelons' sweet yet watery allure alongside their revitalizing properties, creating an experience that's both juicy and revitalizing!

3. Fresh Mint: A Breath of Crispness

Fresh Mint from The Crystal Pro offers an invigorating vaping experience. Each draw of Fresh Mint envelopes your palate in the vibrant taste of mint leaves for an exhilarating breath-freshener sensation that awakens all your senses. Like indulging in minty breath-freshener candy, its minty flavor offers an amazing breath freshener effect and provides a refreshing vaping experience with each draw - the ideal flavor to give any vaper an exciting yet fulfilling vaping sensation! For vapers who appreciate revitalizing effects, Fresh Mint provides both invigorating yet satisfying vaping sensations!

Conclusion: The Crystal Pro - Where Innovation Meets Quality

Overall, The Crystal Pro 7000 Rechargeable stands as an embodiment of innovation and quality within vaping. Boasting an outstanding puff count and rechargeable technology that ensures sustainability, this box-shaped device provides an unforgettable hand check experience.

No matter where you stand on vaping's spectrum, The Crystal Pro offers exceptional longevity for both newcomers and experienced vapers alike. Boasting rechargeable design for sustainability as well as an exceptional e-liquid capacity, The Crystal Pro stands as an icon of innovation and quality ensuring a satisfying vaping journey with distinctive results. Elevate your vaping experience today by exploring pure vapor with The Crystal Pro!

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