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Oxva Unicoil Coils I Pack of 5

Oxva Unicoil Coils I Pack of 5

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  • 0.3 ohm Mesh coil - 30-40W
  • 0.5 ohm Mesh coil - 20-25W
  • 1.0 ohm KA1 coil - 10-15W
  • 0.2 ohm Mesh Coil 55-60W

The Oxva Unicoil Coils are viable with both the OXVA Beginning and OXVA X Unit Pack, and can just be driven into the foundation of the case. Oxva Unicoil Coils are provided in a pack of 5. A suitable length is required for the installation process, and a screwdriver is needed to install them. The connectors are USB Type B Male connectors that will plug into your device's USB port. They were made to give you the best flavor possible, last for a longer time, and perform consistently without leaking. 

The Oxva Unicoil Coils are made to last long. They were constructed with durable atomizers so they can last you for a longer period of time, and is made out of materials that will give you the best flavor possible. Each coil has 5 different wicks which is why it does not burn up or leak like the others. They Oxva Unicoil Coilscome in a pack of 5 coils so you can rotate them to get way more use out of it. If one atomizer burns out, just replace it with the next one. This will help you save money as well as time because there is no worrying about changing coils over and over again.

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