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Aspire Nautilus X Coils | 5 Pack Of Each

Aspire Nautilus X Coils | 5 Pack Of Each

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  • Rated at 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) | 1.8Ω (12-16 watts). 
  • U-tech technology provides incredible airflow performance
  • Optimized for versatility in airflow without changing e-liquid flow or flavour
  • Optimized wicking and heat distribution

The Aspire nautilus x coils are cross-compatible and can be used with a variety of kits and tanks. The Nautilus X's replacement coil utilises Aspire's revolutionary U Tech Coil Technology, an unique and extremely effective form of airflow in which the airflow enters through the top airflow chamber. The airflow then travels down the U-shaped wicking, picking up off the liquid like a conveyor belt and delivering it directly to the heating coil for maximum flavour and vapour production.

Here Are Some Reasons Why I Use The Aspire Nautilus X Coils And Its Benefits:

  1. The aspire nautilus x coils technology is extremely efficient and it provides the user with good vapour production and a clean taste.
  2. It gives the user a longer battery life and better atomizer resistance which provides protection for the device.
  3. You will not get dry hits since it generates very little to no burnt tasting leaks to your mouthpiece. That is because it is manufactured with high quality materials so you will get a thick liquid that covers your mouthpiece.
  4. When you use the nautilus x mesh coils, you will enjoy the explosion of huge clouds of vapour.
  5. The aspire nautilus x coils are truly dual-purpose and can ideally be used with any tank or cartomizer on any device.
  6. The coil's resistance is extremely tight and more durable than authentic coils so it provides a tight draw unlike authentic coils which are usually loose. 

What Is Aspire Nautilus X Coils?

According to Aspire, the aspire nautilus x coils are the best coils on the market that people can fall in love with. They are the best because they are made of special materials and have a dual-purpose purpose which is not available on other costs. The aspire nautilus x 1.5 coils biggest advantage of this coil is that it delivers very good vapour production and extremely great taste. It produces very high clouds of vapour which makes it stand out from most other coils. The coils fulfil all these features and more. Users are attracted by its attractive design, stainless steel material, high performance and more.

There can be different coils for different purposes. The nautilus x coils uk is best for those who prefer to use tanks or cartomizers to vape due to its high quality vapour production and intense taste. Its wicking design also helps prevent dry hits from leaking out into your mouthpiece when vaping. This coil is best suited for tanks and cartomizers because they are specifically designed to be used with them as you will experience very high vapour production, intense taste and long battery life using these coils.

Final Verdict:

The Aspire Nautilus X coils are truly the best for both beginners and experts. It is a great choice for those who want an advanced device with aspire nautilus x coils 1.5ohm pack of 5. The coils can offer the user a good vapour production and high quality taste which is why it is worth investing in. Aspire nautilus x coils compatibility with all tank systems, cartomizers, e-cigars and devices. 

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