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Aspire K3 Quick Start Vape Kit For Sale | Vape Kit Deals UK

Aspire K3 Quick Start Vape Kit For Sale | Vape Kit Deals UK

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  • Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm
  • Dimensions: 139mm x 18mm
  • Battery capacity: Battery capacity 1200mAh
  • Micro: Micro USB Charging
  • E-Liquid Tank: 2ml tank capacity
  • Battery dimensions: 84mm x 18mm
  • Tank dimensions: 55mm x 18mm
  • Connection: 510 + airflow slots
  • Bottom fill design
  • Standard 510 Connection with airflow inlets
  • 1.8ohm (4.2-5.0V) Compatible with Aspire Nautilus Coils
  • Carbon fibre battery case
  • Rechargeable with mini USB cable (supplied)
  • Allows pass-through vaping while on charge
  • LED status signal on fire button
  • Orange LED = low battery indication
  • 15 Second Auto cut-out
  • Short circuit protectionLow volts protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • High temperature protection
  • Available in Pink or Black

Experience vaping simplicity and quality with the Aspire Quick Start Vape Kit K3, available at a regular price of £28.99, designed specifically to appeal to vapers who seek ease of use without sacrificing performance. Let's delve into its specifications to uncover why it makes such an outstanding choice for both beginner and experienced vapers alike.

Coil Resistance: The K3 features a 1.6ohm coil resistance for optimal vaping experience and satisfaction. This design strikes an optimal balance between producing satisfying vapor production and protecting e-liquid's flavors, offering smooth vaping experiences without compromises or delays.

Dimensions: At just 139mm in length and 18mm in diameter, the Aspire K3 is sleek and compact - easily fitting into your pocket or purse while its understated design exudes elegance.

Bottom Fill Design: With its bottom fill design, refilling the K3's 2ml tank is simple. Restock e-liquid without complicated procedures in just minutes!

Battery Capacity: The K3 features a reliable 1200mAh battery capacity that ensures extended vaping sessions are possible without frequent recharges - perfect for long, uninterrupted sessions of vaping!

Micro-USB Charging: Charging the K3 is both simple and stress-free thanks to its micro-USB charging port. Simply connect it to an appropriate power source, and you're all set!

K3 Tank: The K3 tank was specifically designed to deliver an enjoyable vaping experience, offering smooth draws and plentiful vapor production. It pairs beautifully with its coil resistance for optimal vaping.

Color Options: The Aspire K3 comes in two fashionable hues - black and pink - perfect for creating either an understated and classic aesthetic or eye-catching and vibrant looks. There's sure to be one to meet your personal preference

The Aspire Quick Start Vape Kit K3 provides an efficient yet user-friendly approach to coils and pods, making it the ideal choice for vapers of all skill levels.

Coils: The K3 kit includes a 1.6ohm coil that's optimized to strike a balance between vapor production and flavor retention, reliability, and ease of replacement when necessary. Simply unscrew the base of the tank, unsnap and remove old coil before inserting new one; don't forget to prime new coil by dabbing some e-liquid onto its cotton wick first before use!

Pods: While the K3 tank may not be an exact replica of traditional pod systems, its functionality resembles them by offering a bottom-fill design and 2-ml tank capacity. Refilling of your e-liquid is made easy thanks to this tank's simple bottom fill design which also enables quick and mess-free refills compared to typical pod systems which often necessitate frequent refilling cycles.

Compared to pods however, its larger e-liquid storage capacity means less frequent refilling needs compared with traditional pods which often necessitate frequent refills!

Assembling the Device:

  • Attach the Tank: Begin by securely screwing on a K3 tank to the battery section. Ensure it fits tight until its tight and properly aligned with everything.
  • Priming Your Coil (if Replacing): Before installing or switching to a new coil, ensure its proper saturation by priming it with some drops of e-liquid applied directly onto its cotton wick. This should give it enough moisture for proper operation.
  • Fill Your Tank: Utilize the bottom-fill design of your tank to easily refill e-liquid, pour your desired flavor in and close its fill port securely before closing its fill port securely.
  • Power On: If applicable, power up your device by pressing its power button. Other devices activate automatically when you inhale.

Follow these simple steps to assemble and use the Aspire Quick Start Vape Kit K3. Its straightforward coil and tank system provides a hassle-free vaping experience while producing satisfying vapor and flavor for your vaping journey. Start your vaping adventure today!


The Aspire Quick Start Vape Kit K3 embodies Aspire's dedication to user-friendliness and quality vaping. Boasting user-friendly features, an affordable battery, and stylish aesthetics, this starter kit makes an excellent way for anyone new to vaping or seeking reliable backup device to begin enjoying a satisfying and flavorful vaping experience every time they draw from its 2ml tank capacity 1.6ohm coil vaping experience with every draw.

Introduce vaping with confidence and ease - make the Aspire K3 your vaping partner now.

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